Full Tilt Boogie Review

The Full Tilt Boogie is an uncompromising and unapologetic cyclocross racing machine. Sure, you can grind some gravel with it and you can put on skinny tires to enjoy a great day on pavement, but this bike is designed by a hard-core racer for hard-core racers. With a short wheelbase and tight angles, this bike is designed to jump hard off the start line, corner as hard as you dare ask it, and the high bottom bracket allows you to keep the pedals turning through tight hairpins and tricky off-cambers. Since hand-ups are a crime (or you want to do long rides without a hydration pack) the Full Tilt Boogie has two water bottles mounts inside the main triangle. And with custom build options ranging from $3,299 to $9,299 whether you are cross-curious or training for the Worlds, you can create an FTB to suit your needs or wants (let's face it, that need vs. want line can get pretty blurry when it comes to new bikes).